A few students with a Kombucha problem.

Looking for some booch?

Most successful start-ups begin in a garage. Our garage had a few too many couches and pong tables to do that so we did it in our lounge. Bomb Bucha has the perfect balance of alcohol and goodness, some people say they are the same thing, which gives you a buzz on Saturday night but keeps you feeling good on Sunday.


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“Bomb Bucha has offset its business operations carbon emissions by 200% for the 2020 calendar year and has achieved Ekos’ Climate Positive Business Operations certification. Business processes including fuels, air conditioning, company vehicles, electricity, Non-company vehicles, freight, waste, flights and accommodation were included in this calculation, however, a life cycle analysis of the product has not been completed nor offset”.

Alcohol Drug Helpline: 0800 787 797

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