Environment. Health. Rave.

Bomb Bucha was created by 4 UC students who had a passion for kombucha and the environment. We created a brew that you can enjoy without worrying about how your drink affects the environment around you. We want to give you guys a drink you love and a company you can be proud to support! Bomb Bucha is proud to say that we have offset our carbon emissions by 200% for 2020. Bomb Bucha want to challenge other Kiwi businesses to do the same and start facing the climate crisis together. We have decided to lend a hand to Kiwi legends; Peter Burling and Blair Tuke. These lads have started the charity, Live Ocean and we have decided to donate 1% of our total revenue to their projects. 

So we're carbon positive.

What does that mean?

Essentially this means is if we emit 100 tonnes of carbon for our production each year we will purchase 200 tonnes worth of carbon credits. These carbon credits are native trees planted in NZ that lock up the equivalent carbon we emit while improving local biodiversity and water quality. Peace!

Students working with students.

We teamed up with kiwi design student Lucy Revell to bring the Bomb Bucha visuals to life! Lucy is currently studying Visual Communication Design at Massey's College of Creative Arts in Wellington.

You can check out some of her work over
at @lucyrevelldesign on instagram.