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Our Earth, Our Responsibility

Hey team Finn here! Here is a bit of info for you guys to breakdown what we are doing for our planet and why we want other businesses to do the same. At Bomb Bucha, it is essential to us that any impact we have on our planet no matter how small is negated. And in addition, we hope we can have a role in reversing some of the environmental challenges we face. We are taking two keys measures to ensure this; firstly we will be donating 1% of our revenue to Live Ocean. Secondly, Bomb Bucha is launching 200% carbon positive.  We have chosen to donate 1% of revenue to Live Ocean as I was involved in the startup phase of this awesome new Charity based in New Zealand and know the great work they are doing. Founded at the end of 2019 by top Kiwi sailors Blair Tuke and Peter Burling they aim to be a facilitator and leader in ocean health and conservation. They are doing this through storytelling and awareness with their #whytheocean campaign and by funding and amplifying existing conservation efforts in New Zealand. Their first project is the race to save the Antipodean albatross. So the money donated from our boxes will go to funding trackers and research. Two-thirds of the worlds breeding antipodean albatross have died in the last 14 years bringing the population down to 6,000 with 800 dying every year. The population is in freefall, and this research is critical to the protection of this iconic bird that breeds in a remote corner of the vast Southern Ocean. This is the first of many great projects Live Ocean will be involved with.

Then there is our carbon offset. This is tricky to get your head around but here is how it works and why we have done it. So all our emissions from landfill, fuel use, LPG and electricity are recorded. The carbon that goes into our atmosphere from our business emissions is accounted for but not the complete lifecycle of our product. So our shipping, electricity and things we are responsible directly for are recorded. But things like the production of cans, growing of tea leaves etc. are outside the recording. Then we buy carbon credits of EKOS to offset this. So if we emitted for example 10 tonnes this year. We would pay to offset that through native trees that when growing sequester the equivalent amount of carbon. These native trees are in New Zealand and improve water quality and local biodiversity. However, we have chosen to offset our selves twice! This takes us up to 200% of our emissions. This is because we are children of the climate crisis and don’t believe that business as usual will solve the greatest challenge we face. We want other businesses to not only offset their emissions but go beyond and be climate positive like Bomb Bucha! It would be awesome if we could see someone beat us and go more than 200% climate positive.

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“Bomb Bucha has offset its business operations carbon emissions by 200% for the 2020 calendar year and has achieved Ekos’ Climate Positive Business Operations certification. Business processes including fuels, air conditioning, company vehicles, electricity, Non-company vehicles, freight, waste, flights and accommodation were included in this calculation, however, a life cycle analysis of the product has not been completed nor offset”.

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